discover what people around you listen to

discover what people around
you listen to

Discover more music genres

Share your music with your community

Discover what people listening to

Why Surround

SURROUND is a music application and social network designed to discover new music based on the people around you.

It allows you to listen to the music that people around you are sharing.
Surround seamlessly integrates with the best music apps in the world.









One-click to import all of your songs, albums
and playlists into the Surround app.


People are curious about what other people are listening to

People are listening to the same artists and music over and over again

People would like to share their favorite music easily

People are traveling and would like to discover real local music

People find themselves listening to the same music and artists over and over again. They would like to discover what others are listening to, and explore real local music when traveling. They want to easily share their favorite music, and be a part of a growing community of people with similar music interests.

The Personas

Roni, 24
An architecture student

I have always been a music lover. There’s nothing better to get into the mood, whether it’s study time or a hangout with friends


  • listening to the same playlists every day
  • Its hard to discover new songs because spotify based on songs I liked

Alon, 28
A local techo DJ

I travel a lot and want to explore real local music and vibes of my destination


  • wants to share his mixes with others easily to promote his business
  • looking for new music-industry connections

Sharon, 31
A taxi driver

I meet new people all day, and would love to know them better by seeing what music are they listenng to


  • the radio is mostly just talking and commercials
  • wants to connect with people throw their music

Competitor Analysis

My research was focused on music platforms, and the differences between them. At the same time I was inspired by apps that successfully made a connection between people, by social media networks such as “Instagram” and “Facebook”, and the UX design was inspired by “Gett” among other location-based apps.
I was able to combine between these worlds, making it easy to share music, discover new music, and at the same time connect with new people.

These websites are user friendly, you have the ability to follow people you already know.
Using them, you cannot connect to the people around you and listen to their music, or explore popular music in different locations.

Solution & Goals

With a single click you can share the music you listen to, and find the people who enjoy it.
You can become an influencer by being you, listening to what you like.
Just as easily, discover new music – that guy in the bar that you had a good connection with, the girl in the park that couldn’t stop dancing, Surround lets you listen to their music.
You can now hear the music that is really being played in different locations around the world, exploring new cultures and communities.

All that music at your fingertips.

Flow & Wirframes

1. Fill the registration form

2. Find user on the map

3. Discover new world and music style

How Does It Work?

Open the app and choose someone you feel you’ll like his music.
You can see which song he is listning to now, and see his whole playlist.

Swipe through his current playlist

Swipe through his current playlist

Listen to the song he is hearing

Add his playlist to your favorites or follow him and discover more of what he listens to

Add his playlist to your favorites or follow him and discover more of what he listens to

You can stay up-to-date by hearing daily mixes made for you, browsing music by location, and more.



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