The New Lifechanging Feature

See today. Wear tomorrow.


Order your favorite products, while watching TV, with a single click.

Apple shop is the new way to shop online. It allows ordering products you desire from your favorite TV shows and movices.

It saves time and replaces searching products online, it is easy and relaible with a secured connection to your apple pay account.

While watching Apple TV at your house, during a vacation or at any place in the world, you can see something you like today and have it by tomorrow.


As a person who spends a lot of time in the internet searching for products similar to the ones I see on TV, I relized that the process is exhausting, takes time and sometimes ends without success.
I was surprised there is no creative solution that brings all those products under one roof.
So I came up with the Apple Shop feature 🙂

  • Easy buying process – your one stop shop for all products
  • Easy product search engine – find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds
  • Saves time – no more uselessly wandering around the web
  • Easy secure payment using your apple account


There are over 2.14 billion online shoppers in the world.
70% of the US population shop online
In 2021 online sales have reached more than $5 trilion

Consumer culture has changed in recent years and people tend to do more online shopping.
This is a generation that wants things here and now and does not like to reject gratifications or satisfactions.
People want to stay up to date with fashion and upcoming trends, and shop effortlessly.

Searching online for specific seen-on-TV products is difficult and takes a long time.
Paying online on random websites is unsecured.
Products received do not match those seen on TV, and are often of bad quality.
Delivery times are long, while shoppers want their package right away.


Janifer Aniston’s dress in The Morning Show will be perfect wear for my weeding
next week.

  • Searching many hours products online is exhausting and frustrating
  • Would like to adopt the style of some of the characters

now I can easily buy a good quality costum for my children of their favorite character as “Harriet the Spy”

  • Don’t have time to go to the shop
  • Don’t know where to find online all the products for their costum


There are blogs and websites that unites products that have been wear in TV series or movies and connect them to the web he can purches the products.


One stop shop for all the “as seen on TV” products.
Easily search the catalog by series, movie, character or keyword, or simply one-click shop
when seeing a product you love on TV.

Our integrated AI engine will provide product recommendations based on previous purchases and likes,
to create a personal seamless shopping experience.

The Apple ShopTM provides the ultimate solution for all your shopping needs.


Easy and secured payment mathood

Reduce online searching time

Ensure good products quality

Save time

Binds all products in one place



When opening Apple TV app for the first time, a short video will walk you through the main flow of the feature and how to use it- exploring the available items for sale, adding items to the cart, saving items, and purchasing securely using Apple FaceID.

Availble item for sale

Slide left to save

Slide right to add to cart

Item added to cart

Item saved

The Product

Open Apple TV app and start watching the desired series or film

When seeing the blue ball, slide right and tap an item to add to cart and continue watching TV

When the video ends, click the icon to go to cart and complete the purchase

Make a secured payment with your apple ID


You can open the app and browse for products by popularity, character, movie or series.

The app’s AI engine will recommend on products you may like based on past saves and purchases.

Accesible by any apple device.

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